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5 Stars   IT WORKS!!
By Bob C - Oceanside, CA

Amazing, my crazy landlord put outdoor carpet in my bathroom and after 6 months of a man using it it smelled like a dirty gas station bathroom, stale urine, yuck. I soaked around my toilet with DP and in the morning there was a different smell. I was dumbfounded, the only smell was the NEW CARPET smell after six month of urine. I'd have to say it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT!

5 Stars   AMAZING - and I have tried everything!
By ishopalot -

I have spent SO much money on cleaners ( we have 4 dogs a cat and an infant!) I received a trial size of this at the Las Vegas Children's Expo and pulled it out of my gift bag when my Shitzu decided to lift it's leg on the corner of my brand new white comforter.... it WORKED..and not only did it work but it worked realllllly well and the smell was nice to.

My favorite part is that it is SAFE around KIDS and PETS!! super important in our house....

5 Stars   Removes Stains on Tile
By Lisa V. - California

We had a rabbit urine stain on our kitchen tile. Scrubbing and GooGone did not work so I used DePee and it removed the stain without any damage to the ceramic surface. It took a few sprays and then I left it on about a minute before wiping. I also used it on a rabbit urine stain on the carpet and it completely removed this as well. I will keep this bottle handy!

5 Stars   Worked great on mattress and even WHITE carpet
By PAL Gal - California

This product works! My sister-in-law used DP Stain & Odor Remover to clean up her WHITE carpet when her aging dog starting losing bladder control. She had told me how great it worked for her. So, when my daughter had a night-time potty accident, I knew I should give this a try. I sprayed DP on the mattress and let it dry on it's own. After it was dry, I smelled all around. I was amazed that the smell was completely gone except for one spot... a spot I had missed. So, I sprayed that smelly spot and let it dry. When I checked again later after it had dried, the odor was completely gone!

5 Stars   Works well as advertised, plus more
By David P. - North Carolina

We have several children, including two three-year-olds who are into everything. We tried the DP Stain and Odor remover on sheets/clothing for potty accidents and it works well, as advertised. It also has a light, fresh scent that is not overpowering, even if you use a lot of the formula.

But, being a curious individual, I wanted to know how good it really was. It is not advertised to remove blood, but I thought I'd try it anyway. There was dried blood on one of my little guys' sheets from a night-time nosebleed (don't even want to think how that might have happened), that was a few days old. I sprayed on the formula and let it soak in for a bit, then threw it in the laundry with other clothes. It came out clean! I am very impressed.

5 Stars   Great Product For More Uses Not Even Advertised
By Nancy J. - Nevada

I am a Grandma with 10 grandchildren and DP was a sofa saver after a sleep over accident. I used several other products and just couldn't get out the stain or the odor until I used DP. It really works and does exactly what it advertises, no more stain and best of all no more odor, only a clean fresh smelling sofa.

We also have three dogs and I am now using it on the dog beds between washings and it hasn't bothered any of them in the least. The dogs wouldn't go near the beds for a couple days after using some of the other name brand odor eaters.

I found many other uses for the product including the sweat stains around the band on my husbands hats, to freshening up the garbage disposal in the kitchen and the RV refrigerator after in had been off a couple months.

In my opinion, a great product for more uses not even advertised!

5 Stars   Life Saver
By Donna G. - Mission Viejo, CA

I am so glad this product will be coming available. I have a toddler who’s still in diapers and sometimes accidents do happen. Up until now, there has not been a product I could use to clean the carpet or changing pad and table after the little guy has let loose. With DP, I was able to wipe down the table and clean the pad with no signs of pee anywhere, no smell or stain at all. Thank you for the trial sample and I’ll be looking for it in the stores.

5 Stars   Finally Some Help with Potty Accidents
By Rebecca M. - Santa Ana, CA

I would actually use a window cleaner to start off with, then wipe up with alcohol to clean up after a pee pee accident. That method always seemed to leave a smell behind. After using DP the other day, I’m sold. No smell whatsoever, and no stain either. I've used up my sample, please make it available soon, I need some more.

5 Stars   LOVE IT!! Works Great!
Keepum D. - Anaheim, CA

I SIMPLY LOVE DP!!!! I am a professional pet sitter and sometimes as we all know... Puppies have accidents... DP works FANTASTIC!!! And the added perk of being a green product makes me a very satisfied user of this product. I fully endorse DP :-)

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"We love using DP (de-pee) for our stroller and car seat cleaning service! So many of our customers complain about smelly vomit, rotten milk, and all sorts of gross things that end up on their baby gear. We pretreat with DP before we steam clean and the results are incredible! Products look and smell like new."
         Jennifer Beall
         Founder & CEO
         CleanBeeBaby, LLC

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